Friday, February 13, 2009


We hear LOVE those dogs...well, we are busy working on even more will ADORE our uppity little 'poodle'(lots of attitude!) ...we call her...Chanel....don't you think her name is oh so tres CHIC! Just wait till you see her owner...she is also... tres French! We have Chanel and her owner , going a bistro...and as world travelers...they will be debuted at CHA in July (S2G will be Florida) make sure to come by & see us!
...but we will post some sketches of them to tease you with...

ENJOY...your weekend! DEIDRE


  1. EEEEEEEEEE, I love her. I can feel the wheels starting to turn........
    Any plans for Chihuahua??

  2. It was great meeting you two last night at the get together. I love your stamps and look forward to seeing more designs in the future!

  3. Chanel is perfect. I can see all in pink.