Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ahhh...I swear no more chocolate for a year! okay, maybe a month...ALL right, one week! That is if all goes well this next week! Why does that wonderful, sweet, delicious brown stuff, sometimes make everything seem better? (I think it's a conspiricy...Hersheys is behind it!)

Here it is, Sunday...and yes, we are busy working on the GORGEOUS, & SPLENDIFOROUS, NEW EMBELLISHMENTS that we are going to be selling...JUST WAIT! You'll LOVE them!

Our DT member JANE JONES designed this great valentines bag(with the stamp #33G Kisses & Hugs)...isn't it SWEET!

AND, more DOGS have YET been requested, some people think we are only partial to "little" dogs...But no, I have had Labs for the last 30+ years and before that, sissy & i grew up with we will be getting to the BIGGER dogs too! Don't you fret...they are coming...
in a store near you...SOON!

Well...I'm off to business for now...have a Fabulous Sunday...Deidre

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