Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We wanted to let you know that as of
January 1, 2010...

'Shirleys2Girls Clear Stamps' changing things up a bit!

S2G are us!!...Deidre & Kristine! We create, package, invoice, & ship everything S2G...
in other words do it ALL...
and it's pretty much become everyday including weekends!
As most of you know...Kristine and I (Deidre) are sisters, who not only work together, but live together, with Kristine's husband... and our 89 year old father. Our original reason...for all living together started about 4 years ago, when Daddy had some pretty bad health issues and we needed to be available 24/7. Thankfully, his health has been pretty darn good for the past few years...but....he has been having a few issues and at his cardiology appointment 2 weeks ago, we got some... 'not-so-great' news. With his health and our full-time commitment to S2G...we have decided...something had to give. We want to spend more time with him, as we are not only his caregivers, but his only family...we are looking to the future, and family comes first.That all being said...It is now time to make some changes to our everyday lives and to S2G.
We LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'stamping' business, so the option of S2G closing up shop is...NOT an option. Last week we had one of our better "AHA" moments..."What if Shirleys2Girls went ALL Digital??" We would still be able to create new and whimsical ''digital stamps"...sell them on line...but have NO, packaging, shipping or invoicing. In the process, we would have more family, storage and time waiting for a stamp to arrive.
SO...That's it!
Our new direction for 2010...
Shirley' going...

This switch from 'CLEAR STAMPS' to DIGITALS...let's YOU take advantage S2G's CHANGES!
Starting NOW...November 25th...ALL Clear Stamps... are 45% OFF!!!
You'll want to get your clear stamps ASAP...since sales are LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND...
When a STAMP is gone...its gone.
Please come check us out...things are changing daily!!!
Thank You...Thank You...Thank You...for being such great fans of Shirleys2Girls Clear Stamps. We hope this change keeps you as fans...and that you embrace
S2G Digis
' with your same passion!

Deidre & Kristine


  1. I think you made a very wise decision and wish you the best.. HUGS!

  2. I'm so sorry about your father. I agree with you that digi's are a perfect solution. All my best wishes for 2010.

  3. I love digital! It's so easy and practical. Glad you will continue. Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. You know I love digital. Glad to see you will still be designing new images. Good Luck to you both!