Saturday, July 18, 2009


I think the SUN in shining really brightly...because it knows we are headed for Orlando...LOL.
It knows we need to get prepared for some "HOT times at CHA!" Be sure to check back with us over the next 2 weeks...we'll be letting you in on what's happenin' with S2G and our 1st CHA adventure!!!
Today we are making our 'skirt' that goes on our 2' x 8' table...we're in the NEW company area of, they give you 1 table...1 skirt (not to our liking, so we are making a new one!)...1chair (I guess one of us is going to be doing a lot of standing...being sisters, we'll probably fight over it. : )>
Yup, that's it! Do you know they charge for electricity? wifi? (they make the arena a dead-zone, can you believe that?) Interesting in this economy that they let someone charge us for some things that should be free???
Anyway...I digress...we are having a FABULOUS BOOTH...think, black & white stripes, hot pink, lime green, and LOTS of GROOVY things...
PEACE OUT...more later...DEIDRE

1 comment:

  1. One Chair! Can you bring your own?
    The table skirt sounds fab. How are the boards coming? Sniff, I wanna go.....You better take a zillion pictures and post them!