Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can you say WHITE -OUT ?

Hello to All!

Went out to breakfast this morning and then made a quick dash to the store, to stock-up on necessities, (chocolate, potato chips, and more chocolate!) It looks like we're going to be snowed in for a couple of days! A girl needs her sweet-tooth satisfied in order to get her 'creative juices' going!
We decided to put our 'paper crafting' skills to the test...I've got our mouse dancing stamp...# H7-E)...gathered LOTS of paper in Reds and Greens, colored pencils, some felt markers, buttons, ribbons...
and I put on some nice classical music and started creating!
Hmmm...about 2 hours later I have my CARD!
I am letting you know that this is not my forte, I am a designer/artist, BUT, not paper crafting artist...this is not easy for me. I hope you like what I did...and please if you get one of our stamps, SEND us what you have done, we NEED you input! We WELCOME IT!
I'm Dreaming of a White christmas! (I think Santa heard me...) Merry, Merry DEIDRE

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  1. Fabulous card, Diedre! And I just checked out your illustrations! OMG, they are awesome. I hope you make them into stamps. I do have a question regarding your digital images -- are you going to be adding digital images for sale? If not, I sure hope you are planning to turn them into cleaar stamps as well as the other illustrations you shared, cause I love them all and would love to add them to my stamp collection!